Staging to Sell: For Developers


What this webinar is all about:
Staging is far from decorating, it's about triggering a buyer's psychology. Showcasing your properties at their absolute best via staging should be your ultimate aim, as a developer. Real estate developers can learn the essential skills for staging a property for quicker and better sales results. Grab your chance to learn the essentials of property staging

Here's what you will learn:
  1. What a Difference Staging Can Make
  2. Full Staging Vs. Partial Staging
  3. Staging Common Areas
  4. Staging Bedrooms
  5. Staging Bathrooms/Washrooms
  6. Staging Kitchens/Dining Rooms

Webinar Takeaways:

After the webinar, attendees will receive complimentary giveaways which can help them implement what they learned from the webinar in their market. This includes:  

  • Webinar Recording
  • Presentation Slides

 Thursday, June 22, 2017

03:00 pm (GMT + 2)

Middle East 
05:00 pm (GMT + 4)

09:00 pm (GMT + 8)

South America
10:00 am (GMT - 3)

Shahla Jalali
Shahla Jalali is a Toronto-based writer and COO of Designation Hub. She has worked in the real estate industry for several years and has a niche for artificial development, psychometrics, and product development. When she is not working in Toronto, Shahla spends her time working out of Silicon Valley and speaking at international events.